People. Ideas. Nature. Creativity

The PINC Conference

PINC stands for People, Ideas, Nature, Creativity. These themes are the heartbeat of this unique conference held once a year in the Netherlands. An inspiring cascade of new ideas, great stories, and impressive visual presentations delivered by a superb selection of national and international speakers from every imaginable discipline. It is a truly extraordinary event. An opportunity to recharge your personal and business batteries.
PINC usually features around 16 speakers, who have little in common except that they have a passion for what they do and absolute faith in the power of innovation and creativity. These carefully selected, highly diverse ingredients combine to produce a sumptuous banquet of creativity.

The presentations are larded with exceptional, visual, theatrical and artistic intermezzo’s.

Who attends the PINC Conference?

“A conference is as good as its audience” – that has been our motto from the beginning. In short, the success of the conference also depends on the quality and enthusiasm of the 500 guests – the leaders, innovators, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, communication specialists, designers, polymaths, artists, scientists, experts on education, coaches, economists, television makers, and everyone who wants to be inspired. PINC is created for people with a desire to stimulate their mind, heart, and brain.

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De Verenigde Smaken van Amerika

Lekker Lang Jong

Lekker Lang Jong is geschreven door Nelleke van Lindonk en Clara ten Houte de Lange.

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