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PINC Inspiration Trips

Local and international inspiration trips

PINC’s inspirational and motivational events always focus on content. Examples include: A two-day trip to Maastricht and surroundings with 30 managers from a building company. (The trip included a unique session on speed reading.) A walk on the beach at Noordwijk with planetwalker John Francis (PINC.7), who crossed the USA walking from West to East in protest against environmental mismanagement. He did not speak during 17 years. Marc Abrahams (PINC.7) was the guest of honor and speaker at a dinner party for one of our clients. During a two-day-trip to Switzerland with a group of engineers, we focused on ‘solving’ a company problem. At the end of the day, the group had ten solutions for their ‘problem.’ The group was accompanied by professional troubleshooters. A visit to The Eden Project in Cornwall, England. The founder of this world-famous eco-project, Tim Smit, had guests at PINC.3 sitting on the edge of their seats.

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De Verenigde Smaken van Amerika

Lekker Lang Jong

Lekker Lang Jong is geschreven door Nelleke van Lindonk en Clara ten Houte de Lange.

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